BioDFence® G3 and BioDDryFlex® are membrane allografts derived from the human placental tissues for use as a tissue barrier that covers and protects the underlying tissues.


  • Two thickness available
    • BioDFence G3 is a multilayer amnion and chorion allograft providing enhanced handling characterisitics
    • BioDDryFlex is a single layer amniotic allograft for applications where bulk may not be optimal.
  • Ambient temperature storage: terminally sterilized with a 5-year shelf life
  • Flexible: tissue conforms to the surface or surgical site
  • Tissue recovered from pre-screened healthy, living donors during cesarean childbirth
  • Donor selection, tissue recovery and processing protocols exceed all tissue banking standards to ensure patient safety



BioDFence G3   BioDDryFlex  
Product ID Size Product ID


DF-020015 MIS Tube * DF-010152 1.5cm x 2cm
DF-020152 1.5cm x 2cm DF-010203 2cm x 3cm
DF-020202 2cm x 2cm DF-010203 2cm x 3cm
DF-020203 2cm x 3cm DF-010404 4cm x 4cm
DF-020204 2cm x 4cm DF-010408 4cm x 8cm
DF-020206 2cm x 6cm    
DF-020404 4cm x 4cm    
DF-020306 3cm x 6cm * 2-15mm Discs